In 2008, I completed a four-month internship at a weekly paper in Powell River BC, working as a reporter / photographer. Here is a selection of published stories from that summer. Included are a number of profiles, simply because I really like writing them. The photos accompanying a story are mine as well! Photo captions can be found at the bottom of each story.

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Published in the Powell River Peak: Wednesday, June 18, 2008
Every few years, a true artist is born. Many are destined to take a day job and enjoy their “hobbies” in private; few rise to the top to astonish all with their artistic prowess.
Rita Costanzi is one of those few. Daughter of trained musicians, having played harp since she was nine and piano since she could reach the keys, Costanzi possesses skills that have transported her all over the globe in the name of music.
Costanzi has returned to Powell River this summer for the Symphony Orchestra Academy of the Pacific (SOAP).
“I feel a lot of joy, and of course very privileged to be here,” said Costanzi. “I’m so impressed with the support team here, the administration and volunteers.”

Paddler launches extreme trip

Published in the Powell River Peak: Wednesday, June 18, 2008
For some people, simply going for a hike is an adventure. For American Darrell Gardner of Santa Fe, New Mexico, the word adventure has a different ring to it
Gardner is kayaking solo up the Inside Passage from Seattle, Washington to Skagway, Alaska as the third stage of a five-stage journey of mammoth proportions: going from the Mexico-USA border to the Arctic Ocean, all under human power.
This stage of Gardner’s expedition will have him sea kayaking 1,400 miles (2,253 kilometres) over the course of three months, hopefully averaging 20 miles (32 kilometres) per day.

Published in the Powell River Peak: Wednesday, July 2, 2008
This summer, every person in Powell River will have the opportunity to become an ultimate guitar hero. Now, some will protest, saying, “But I cannot play the guitar.”
Do not fret.
Powell River First Credit Union and its CU Fly team are putting on a Guitar Hero® competition—and yes, they mean the video game.

Published in the Powell River Peak: Wednesday, September 10, 2008
Outdoor activities abound in the Powell River area. There is mountain biking and hiking along countless trails, sailing, kayaking, beach volleyball, swimming and rock climbing.
Few may realize that Powell River is home to a great deal of developed and undeveloped climbing areas. For those with the know-how, the doors are wide open to some world-class climbing.
For the uninitiated, climbing may seem like a dangerous sport. Somehow, climbing up a rock face with little more than a thin rope for security has never smacked of safety. However, outdoor rock climbing is as safe as the participant makes it. If all the right steps are followed, there is little chance for disaster.

Published in the Powell River Peak: Wednesday, October 1, 2008
From leftover logging equipment, rusting cars and beer bottles to landscaping refuse and bags of household garbage, the West Lake trails have it all.
The beautiful natural area is filled to the brim with human waste--and not the pre-digested kind.
"I'm just disgusted," said Martin McManus, a guide with Rock and Roll Guest Ranch, located on Padgett Road. "It's just terrible. We live in one of the nicest places in the world--it makes us look like fools."

Published in the Powell River Peak: Wednesday, June 6, 2008
Don’t panic. That guy walking down the street with the camera taking photos of everything in sight is not from a secret government agency and he isn’t up to anything fishy. He’s from the museum.
Alex Barta has been hired by the Powell River Historical Museum and Archives Association through Career Link’s New Options program to document the city as it is now.